I work with individuals and corporate companies leading private, group and retreat style sessions. My well respected 10 professional years in the wellness space is the heart of my practical approach to accessing the soul. 

I am Harvard Certified in Psychedelic Assisted Therapies, a World-renowned Reiki Master/ Teacher and Author of The Art of Intuitive Tarot.

Welcome to my space

I'm Jessica, a channel and expert  in metaphysics, dedicated to the expansion of human potential. 

Energy work has been my passion my whole life, and I have always been a student of all modalities that help me further understand myself, where I came from, and how we can all use this universal frequency to empower our story here on Earth.

I am here to help you connect to your own guides, angels and light community. 

You’re not alone, there are others like you

You deserve ease in mind body and soul

Your past does not define you

You're here because just like myself, you want to heal, show up for others and create more of this life. 

i see you!

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning."


Average frequency Hz of a person. 


Equivalent to 4-5 hours of sleep. 



Reduces stress and anxiety for the whole day



Immediate dopamine boost. 



Make meditation your routine!

Science is catching up to the soul!!
Quantum Entanglement proves spontaneous healing. Soul Biology further expands our knowledge of the depth of our spirit.


clients and students are a part of my soul tribe. 

A few quick notes about all things energy and the work I do!

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Sidhartha, Journey of Souls, Karma

Favorite books

Cap ☀️,  Leo 🌙, Taurus ⬆️


Surfing and Sourdough


Give me all the sunshine!

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Soup! Ask for my Recipes!


Eclectic Sexy Grandma


Latte, Raw Milk, Extra Hot

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Goofing off with my kids

Favorite pastime

I tend to be shy when it comes to my personal life but here is a little about me! 

A little something you might relate to,
THE STORIES WE TELL OURSELVES… We are all living them. the everyday events that happen to us and our perception of those experiences. They shape our moods, relationships and overall mindset of who we are today.⁣

But what happens when you outgrow the stories you’ve been telling yourself, not just the repeat loop of how you no longer want that narrative and are working on changing it… BUT the actual place where you are healed and these stories cease to exist? ⁣⁣For me this was the hardest place and I got stuck for a long time there.

Frustrated and being fully aware of my stories, but somehow “always healing”. I wanted with all of my heart and mind to leave that space but wasn’t moving.

I CHANGED MY STORY and got off the hamster wheel of “healing” to become whole.

But Jess, what was your big AHA moment?

It might sound simple but it transformed my whole life. Nothing is the same now, I really was able to change my life.

So, my guidance for you is to start to day dream. Start creating your new world and reality.

  • Have every word spoken, vibrate at that higher intention.
  • Make manifestation boards and actually put them up.
  • Be mindful of your money to help create these dreams.
  • Choose people and situations that support your growth.
  • And take the time to be alone to hear your soul whisper the dreams of this brand new life. ⁣

Then one day, my guides showed me in meditation that all I was focusing on was leaving the story. I simply hadn’t created a world beyond the current reality.

So, I had nowhere to go. ⁣

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What’s at the edge of the universe? ⁣
What if you were able to be shown. ⁣
What would you do if you found out there- it all begins and ends with you.⁣

Diving into the unknown