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Gather together friends or co-workers... because all services can be done in a group setting. 

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I will work with you through a variety of modalities to help you on your souls path.

Tarot Reading
Connect with your highest self through the holistic lens of tarot card reading. 

Directly connect with your guides, angels and highest self to answer life questions.

Guided Meditations
Disconnect and go inward through guided meditation. Decrease stress and anxiety and increase brain function and manifest your future.

Energetically cleanse and tune your chakras, emotions and physical body through the healing of an Usui Reiki session. 

Written and designed by Jessica Stone. This book and deck is for those looking to study and expand their intuitive knowledge through the beautiful lens of Tarot. 

You will learn about your own unique energy and how to harness it not only in Tarot but your day to day life through this self empowering book. Along with the card-by-card guide on what the messages you pull represent in work, self and love.

Tarot Deck and Book

The Art of Intuitive Tarot

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A simple and profound meditation to end every night by calling your energy back and gracefully release anything you've energetically collected. Allowing for deep rest. 

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- Sami Clarke & Sami Bernstein, join Form

Her practice has truly changed both of our lives for the better, and because of that, we have partnered with her to offer meditations on our digital wellness platform, FORM, as well as host meditations and tarot readings for our events. Jess Stone is an angel on earth, and we are all better versions of ourselves because of her!

"She has the unique ability to provide meaningful wisdom during moments where you may be craving more direction and inspiration."

- Aggie

I felt my questions were thoroughly answered and the time went by way too fast! Looking forward to doing another one sometime and would definitely recommend this service to others as well.

"She has a way of dissecting and relaying the messages in a way I’ve not experienced before with any energy led healer I’ve worked with previously. "

- Brooke

She has guided me deeper into my truest self and into a life filled with more joy, freedom, love, abundance and peace than I ever could have imagined for myself.

"My entire life has dramatically shifted for the better. She has been there every step of the way to guide, inspire and solidify the things I feel in my gut but might have otherwise disregarded"