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Hi, and welcome. I created my Patreon community to be a safe haven and school for the soul, away from the noise of social media to learn at your own pace. 

I am dedicated to the teachings and practice of living a soul led life and wanted an organized way to share everything I teach with you. 

We all are intuitive and within this community the understanding of how to access this intuition will emerge. Find the confidence to manifest the life you dream, heal and feel healthy in your body, and help you find your place in this beautiful but complex World we live in.

Dedicated to the teachings & practice of a soul led life. 

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Jessica will be sharing her private Channelings with her lights guides she has been communicating with since childhood. 

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Love, channeling, tarot, crystals, intuition, orgasms, soul mates, boundaries,  archetypes, Psychedelics, past lives and so much more.

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- Sami Clarke & Sami Bernstein, join Form

Her practice has truly changed both of our lives for the better, and because of that, we have partnered with her to offer meditations on our digital wellness platform, FORM, as well as host meditations and tarot readings for our events. Jess Stone is an angel on earth, and we are all better versions of ourselves because of her!

"She has the unique ability to provide meaningful wisdom during moments where you may be craving more direction and inspiration."

- Aggie

I felt my questions were thoroughly answered and the time went by way too fast! Looking forward to doing another one sometime and would definitely recommend this service to others as well.

"She has a way of dissecting and relaying the messages in a way I’ve not experienced before with any energy led healer I’ve worked with previously. "

- Brooke

She has guided me deeper into my truest self and into a life filled with more joy, freedom, love, abundance and peace than I ever could have imagined for myself.

"My entire life has dramatically shifted for the better. She has been there every step of the way to guide, inspire and solidify the things I feel in my gut but might have otherwise disregarded"

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I believe there are future versions of us out there leaving the signs for us to follow. Sometimes these signs are quiet, other times they are loud and clear. 7 years ago, the signs became inevitable for me to follow.

My intuition, physical health and soul all were telling me to step forward in the energy work I knew so well I had no choice but to follow.
That lead me to where I am today- a 6 figure business, educational platform, speaking engagements around the World, working with some of my first clients who believed in me for free to Hollywood's A list.

Hi there!
I'm Jessica