Soul Led Life

The Art of Self-Awareness

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What You'll Learn

Heal old wounds and traumas

How to set clear boundaries and avoid people-pleasing

Learn your archetype

communicate with your spirit Guides

Discover and live your purpose 

Learn your Body's energy systems

Learn how to read the signs, stories & road maps of your day to day life

Learn how to receive support from guides and the universe

Simple Meditations to ground energy

How to understand the Chakras

Introduction to intuition

how to develop the Clairs

For over 20 years I have studied the soul and guided thousands of clients into deep self awareness in the mind, body and soul.

This course is a perfect symphony of teachings to successfully live a soul led life, to change yourself, to change this world.

xo Jess

What’s at the edge of the universe? ⁣
It all begins and ends with you.⁣

Soul Led Life

Living a

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6 weeks
6 months
12 months

$218  / month
$157 / month
$84 /month

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your purpose

meet your guides

Your cosmic Blueprint

  • Energetic and Physical Boundaries
  • Healing Traumas
  • Integration for Wholeness
  • Alchemize the Mind
  • Uniting the Soul

4 Modules, 20 lessons, Live Channeling, Bonus Meditations

soul led life course overview

  • Whose in charge Your Body, Your Mind or Your Soul?
  • Body Acceptance, Body Scan
  • Master the ego 
  • Be in your Soul

  • Whats my Archetype?
  • Chakras and the Energy Body
  • Unlocking The Clairs
  • Spiritual Support System
  • Spirit Guides
  • Angels

  • Channeling
  • Manifestation,
  • Understanding Your Direct Purpose
  • How to Successfully Stay in Purpose

Did you know long before you came here you planned out who you would be? 

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You've hit a plateau in your work that you just can't break through on

you find yourself feeling disconnected or unfulfilled in your day-to-day activities

YOU want to make decisions based on your unique inner wisdom rather than societal pressure

you crave deeper connections—with yourself, with others, and with the world around you


$1200 Psychic Education

Is the Soul Led Life for ME?

you might be wondering...


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I've helped thousands of people get on the Soul Led Life path through deeply connecting with themselves. I have seem massive shifts in the work, families and relationships of those who work with me and really commit to this path. 


6 weeks
6 months
12 months

$218  / month
$157 / month
$84 /month

Payment Plans available.
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Hold up, wait a minute!

The psychic education program is a classroom environment to learn, and develop your intuitive gifts. Jessica will be leading this interactive program meeting up virtually for 6 weeks with course members all across the World. Hang out in the live chatroom on all spiritual topics to create life long connections as you go on your spiritual path. 

This seasons 6 week container will be focused in psychic development. You will receive a certificate of completion when complete. 

What is the 6 week Psychic Education program?

This summer!
8/20 Tuesday 
8/24 Saturday
8/27 Tuesday
8/31 Saturday
9/3 Tuesday
9/7 Saturday
*Please note all classes will be recorded. You must be able to attend 3 live.

When does the Psychic Education program start?

Money is energy and I spent a long time going back and forth about what to charge for this course. I landed on $875 because this is roughly the same price as a full session with me in person. I wanted to create a course that would allow me to scale my teachings to as large a group as possible.

I dont know if I can afford this? 

It's completely understandable, as a single mom raising two young kids - I get it!  Living a soul-led life will teach you ways to carve out more time for yourself. Even taking a few moments each day for yourself will make a difference. 

I dont really have the time for this, Im working full time and have a full life. 

Absolutely, the concept of living a soul-led life can seem a bit abstract, especially if you're not naturally drawn to more intuitive or spiritual practices. However, it's important to note that living a soul-led life doesn't necessarily mean adopting "woo-woo" practices or ideas. It's more about authenticity, self-awareness, and aligning your actions with your core values.  You will learn to identify what it means to be authenticly you, how to align your life with your values and become self-aware about what drives you and what is holding you back from being fully you.

Im not intuitive or into woo woo things, this doesnt seem like a fit. 

Jump in whenever it suits you!

If you thrive in a group learning environment, don't miss out on our the Summer Session including the 6 week Psychic Education program. With this group you will get weekly meet-up opportunities , connecting with other participants in the course across the world.

When does the course launch?
Why should I buy now? 

Yes, when you checkout tap on "Shopify Pay" and you will be able to checkout using an installment plan. 

Can I pay over time?

Soul Led Life

Empower your life and truly understand what it means to live.



Special enrollment price


regular $1200
6-week Psychic Education program

6 weeks
6 months
12 months

$218  / month
$157 / month
$84 /month

Payment Plans available.
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Her practice has truly changed both of our lives for the better, and because of that, we have partnered with her to offer meditations on our digital wellness platform, FORM, as well as host meditations and tarot readings for our events. Jess Stone is an angel on earth, and we are all better versions of ourselves because of her!

join FORM

Sami Clarke & Sami Bernstein 

Jessica is next level extraordinary at what she does. After my first reiki session with her, I felt called to do her level 1 & 2 reiki trainings. Since then, my entire life has dramatically shifted for the better. She has been there every step of the way to guide, inspire and solidify the things I feel in my gut but might have otherwise disregarded.

Owner of Amsvi Mind Body Soul Space


Working with Jess has been the most life changing and enchanting experience. Her wealth of knowledge and healing abilities have allowed me to achieve heights I never thought possible. Jess is magical and changes lives every. single. day. 


I had a reiki session almost a year ago. It was life changing. I was unsure going in but you made me feel so calm and safe. The stuff that was released? Is that the word for it? Wow...I left feeling years, YEARS, of trauma and grief gone. I remember crying almost immediately. I cried not really knowing what I was crying about but the release was mind blowing. I've felt like a different person since. I can't thank you enough


My tarot reading with Jess was spot on. I went into it with some reservation as I’d never had one done before and had a lot of beliefs wrapped into what it was from what I was told is right/wrong as a child. I felt a sense of calm during and after the reading, and felt seen/validated in things I had known but always push to the side. I’d highly recommend. 


Jessica’s Course changed the way I thought about working with my energy. It was educational and expertly guided, but also left space for us to apply our own intuitive lens to the process. The class was fun and informative — it inspired me to use my tarot cards as a part of my morning meditation and in work with clients.



My Channeling experience with Jessica was nothing I could have ever imagined. I walked out of my appointment feeling so light and free that I knew she had helped clear away the unwanted energy. The space that she practices in is beautiful and so peaceful. If you're considering trying energy work, do yourself a favor and book with Jessica.


Client success stories right from their own mouths


I believe there are future versions of us out there leaving the signs for us to follow. Sometimes these signs are quiet, other times they are loud and clear. 7 years ago, the signs became inevitable for me to follow.

My intuition, physical health and soul all were telling me to step forward in the energy work I knew so well I had no choice but to follow.
That lead me to where I am today- a 6 figure business, educational platform, speaking engagements around the World, working with some of my first clients who believed in me for free to Hollywood's A list.

Hi there!
I'm Jessica