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Welcome to Element where we build healthy lifestyles through exercise for busy folks. 

I’m awake… I roll over… it’s only 4:30am. I am an early riser but this feels more “cant sleep” over “seize the day”. 

My thoughts keep going to failure… which is weird because I am not. But yet thoughts are thoughts and I have learned by now just to watch them bounce around like rowdy toddlers in my head. Give the thoughts love, hugs, lead them correctly, don’t try to control them, it will only cause them to become rowdier. 

I’m supposed to write my Monday email, it’s the first day of getting organized for those who want to sign up for Soul Led Life. 

I roll over and grab my notepad, I always have to hand write before type…

I take a deep breath to try and center myself, place my hands on my sacral trying to find where in my childhood coding I was programmed to think if I never become a bride then I am a failure… I can tell I’m too deep in my feelings so I decide to just blame Disney and move on….

I take another deep breath, connect into my Soul and spirit guides, I’m immediately flooded with love. Peace. They remind me to be gentle on myself. 

I get a VERY clear message to just use this as the email. Why not? It’s what this Course is about… to be a human, a woman, a failure, a success, to be in this World’s heartache, to have hope, to let yourself be loved and give love for just who you are today. That is it. 

I thank them, put down my notepad, turn back off the light, I fall back to sleep…

SOUL LED LIFE begins September 6th. Everything you need to know about it is here. I would love it if you joined, I would love to share what I can with you. I would love for all of us to say, we showed up for expansion and it changed this World for the better. 

This feels slightly unhinged but it also feels good. Why does honesty just feel so good… transparency with self and others, to be seen and to create the safety for others to be seen. Clean vibes, no ego, Soul led.

Slightly Unhinged


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