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Welcome to Element where we build healthy lifestyles through exercise for busy folks. 

Hi! I hope this exercise or script writing brings you as much joy and change as it has brought me. My 2024 has been shaped by this very practice. And when I say “practice” I mean it- keep practicing and you’ll get the hang of it. 

The objective of this daily exercise is to reinforce positive beliefs, habits, and goals through the power of repetition and intentional scripting. By crafting a personalized script, you’ll align your subconscious mind with your conscious desires. I often have days where I am not in my “best self” and this has been my pillar on those days, to remember who I am and always come back to her.  


  1. Set Clear Intentions: Begin each script by setting clear intentions for what you wish to manifest or transform in your life. Whether it’s achieving a specific goal, overcoming a challenge, or embodying a new mindset, be precise and affirmative in your statements.
  2. Positive Affirmations: Embed positive affirmations throughout your script to reinforce desired beliefs and behaviors. Focus on affirming your worth, capabilities, and potential for growth. Use present tense statements to evoke a sense of immediacy and conviction.
  3. Visualize Success: Incorporate vivid imagery and sensory details to visualize yourself already living the reality you desire. Engage all your senses to create a compelling mental picture of success, allowing yourself to experience the emotions and sensations associated with achieving your goals.
  4. Repetition is Key: Repeat your script daily, ideally in the morning or before bed, to deepen its impact on your subconscious mind. Consistency is crucial in rewiring neural pathways and establishing new habits, so commit to repeating your script with conviction and enthusiasm.
  5. Adapt and Evolve: As you progress on your journey, don’t hesitate to revise and refine your script to reflect your evolving aspirations and insights. Embrace the flexibility to tailor your script to suit your changing needs and desires, ensuring it remains a powerful tool for personal transformation.

Enjoy and I look forward to seeing all that unfolds in your life 

xo Jess

Sample Script: “Manifesting Abundance and Empowerment”

Today, I, Jessica Stone embrace the power within me to rewrite my story and shape my reality. With each word I write, I am reclaiming my agency and creating a life filled with abundance, joy, and purpose.


I am committed to manifesting abundance in all areas of my life. I attract opportunities for growth, prosperity, and success effortlessly and abundantly. I am worthy of all the blessings that come my way, and I embrace them with gratitude and humility.

Positive Affirmations:

I am capable, confident, and deserving of success.

I trust in my abilities to overcome any challenge that comes my way.

Every day, in every way, I am becoming stronger, wiser, and more resilient.

I radiate positivity and attract positive people and circumstances into my life.

I am the architect of my destiny, and I create my reality with intention and purpose.


I see myself standing tall, surrounded by abundance in all its forms. I feel the warmth of the sun on my face and the wind at my back, guiding me towards my highest potential. I visualize myself achieving my goals with ease and grace, celebrating each victory along the way.


I commit to repeating this script daily, infusing it with my unwavering belief and determination. With each repetition, I reinforce my commitment to living a life of abundance and empowerment, knowing that every word brings me closer to my dreams.


As I conclude this script, I step into the limitless possibilities that await me. I am the author of my destiny, and I write my story with courage, passion, and purpose. Today and every day, I choose to break free from old habits and beliefs, embracing the infinite potential within me to create the life of my dreams.

“Daily Script Writing Prompt: Transforming Your Narrative”

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